Thursday, November 14, 2013

Car Chrysler

The Chrysler Technical Center, which is dubbed as the ‘design dome’ of the automaker, temporarily loses to function as such. In the past few days, the dome has been transformed into a showroom to attract more suitors.

The Chrysler Group transforms the hush-hush dome into a warm showroom, with open books, as well as wines and dines investors. The dome was previously used by the automaker’s executives when they come to critique the upcoming product lines behind closed doors. But this week, the dome has been transformed into a showroom for Wall Street investors who desire to purchase a car company.

Models like the all-new Dodge Ram which is set on display at the ‘design dome’ could serve as a great appetizer for starving investors. The top management of the struggling automaker has hosted two of the largest private-equity in the United States. Representatives from the Blackstone Group and the Cerberus Capital Management have been given access to the Auburn Hills-based automaker to analyze a possible buyout.

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