Thursday, November 14, 2013

Car Bugatti

Many people may recall the Bugatti automobile company. The company was founded in the country of France by an Italian man named Ettore Bugatti. He was one of those men that have a strange character that many others would refer to as eccentric. He was also somewhat of a genius. Like many car makers at the time, Bugatti struggled to survive during World War II but that didn’t stop them from producing some of the rarest vehicles in the world. After a series of ups and downs the Bugatti name remains today.

The Bugatti Company quickly became known for their well designed and engineered cars. The company participated in the Grand Prix race events that many other auto makers were associated with. They had plenty of success taking part in those races. Bugatti won the very first Monaco Grand Prix. Bugatti tried to go above and beyond what competitor’s were doing with their cars. They searched for many ways to work against the disadvantage of weight by making axles of their vehicles different than others. A spring that passed through the axle made such a difference that it was noticed right away by others.

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