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Ferrari FF

Ferrari To Be Sold In India

The iconic Italian automaker, Ferrari, opened its first showroom in New Delhi, despite doubts that a high end sports car could be successfully marketed in a country with relatively weak infrastructure.
Roads in India are notorious for their potholes, high speed bumps, nebulous traffic and the occasional wandering cow. In 2007, hoping to test that perception, Ferrari drove two cars across India, piling up a total 11,000 km in 16 states. Despite the roads and infrastructure being far from perfect, the drive along with improvements in the past few years convinced Ferrari that now is the perfect time to test the Indian market.
Nevertheless, although cows and stray dogs are not as common as in years past, traffic in India continues to remain chaotic. Coupled with the $485,651 price tag and low height, the vehicle may be too impractical to overcome its allure as a status symbol. Even Ferrari admits that it will take up to 7 years for the firm to fully establish themselves as the government continues to ameliorate roads and infrastructure. Another option may be to introduce an India-only model designed to better suit its harrowing traffic.
Owned by Fiat, Ferrari hopes to move 100 units in India over the next 3 years. In their research they have identified a number of potential customers, ranging from business professionals and entrepreneurs to Bollywood stars. In addition to the New Delhi showroom, they hope to open a showroom in Bombay next year, all while scanning for dealership opportunities in other metropolitan areas. Currently there are 50 Ferraris in the country, all of them imported from abroad. Although import taxes can often exceed twice the original purchase price, Ferrari clients tend to be unconcerned with the cost, as demand in India and across the globe continues to exceed supply. New markets in the Greater China area have significantly expanded the company's client base, making it the third largest behind the US and Germany. Ferrari hopes that capturing the Indian market will help the company shift to the Asian market as the west stagnates. Presently, the company sells 6,500 cars each year.
As the media craze descended on the new showroom, even competitors couldn't help but welcome Ferrari's arrival and subsequent exposure. Sumit Chawla, deputy general manager of a nearby Jaguar-Landrover, believes that given the similarity of their clients, many potential Ferrari customers will turn to them, given the impracticality of the Ferrari's cost and low ride height. Yet in spite of its practical flaws, Ferrari's presence alone in India represents something far greater: the rising growth of a nation as it attempts to transition into a global superpower.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ferrari 2012

Ferrari 2012 Videos

Ferrari Driving Schools

If you are a Ferrari car owner, you know the pleasure that is yours when you slip behind the wheel of this fabulous driving machine. Did you know that you could enhance your enjoyment of these vehicles even more by participating in a Ferrari driving school? This is a fun way to get to understand how your Ferrari works, and what it is capable of on a racetrack.
The Ferrari North America School is located in Mont-Tremblant, northwest of Montreal. The driving takes place on a race track a little over two and a half miles long. Instructors make clear that this is not a school to train racers. This Ferrari Driving Experience school will give you the skills you need to get more out of driving your Ferrari.
The instructors have put in many championship wins on race tracks around the world. They are experienced in sharing their skills in a step-by-step manner; with early instruction providing vital tools upon which more advanced techniques will be built.
The Ferrari Driving Experience lasts for two and a half days, and begins with a champagne reception and dinner the evening before classes begin. Time is spent in both the classroom and on the track, although most of the time is spent behind the wheel. Classes cover such topics as vehicle dynamics and driving line. Track time includes introducing skills like how to handle the car in wet and dry conditions, including controlled skids, braking, and acceleration, and building on lapping techniques, beginning with sectional, and moving up to short track and eventually full track circuits.
Students may not drive their own Ferraris, for insurance reasons, but instead are provided with twelve new Ferrari F430 's for their use during the Experience. The fee for sumptuous room, board and instruction is $8,200 in US dollars. There is a waiting list for these special instructional events, so register early if possible.
If you would like to receive all of the superior instruction of the Experience but be able to participate in your own Ferrari, then you might enjoy Ferrari Driving Clinics. Priced at $1350 US, these clinics are held on Ferrari Challenge race weekends, and you get to drive your car on the track, under the helpful eye of your instructor. There are two skill groups, the Sport group for intermediate to advanced drivers and the Touring group for beginner to intermediate enthusiasts. You will also get to participate in infield driving drills to help you hone your ability in several areas, including braking and autocross. You will learn driving techniques to make your Ferrari car driving experience more satisfying. For everyone's safety, Ferrari requires each participating vehicle to receive a technical inspection from an authorized Ferrari dealer.
Jonthon Blocker is a Ferrari afficianado. Jonathon has driven a variety of Ferraris, and has developed an expertise on the marque.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 EDAG has presented its new "Light Car – Open Source" concept here at the Geneva Motor Show, and while it outwardly appears to look like any other nondescript electric bubble car, there's a lot of innovative content on the inside screaming for attention.

It's hard to know where to start: The use of (O)LED technology as both driver-configurable exterior lighting units and as a television screen-like safety feature that alerts those behind of road conditions; its 100% recyclable basalt fiber chassis (said to be at once lighter and cheaper than carbon-fiber or aluminum); or the fact that this is an open-source effort, with EDAG taking the lead but freely opening up the car's technologies to outside developers for improvement and modification.

In any case, the fact that the lithium ion-powered compact car utilizes in-wheel motors that help maximize interior space is a neat detail, but we're actually most intrigued by the (O)LED technology, which gives the Light Car an egg-smooth exterior. Out back, the (O)LEDs are used to show trailing vehicles not only the LCOS' strength of braking, but also road conditions ahead – a pedestrian crossing the road, say, or whether there's a speed or construction zone ahead. We imagine this sort of tech would be murder to legalize (at least in the States), but it does have us thinking in new ways about vehicle safety and car-to-car communications. See the EDAG's (O)LED tech in action in a video after the jump, and learn more from the official press release by downloading the PDF here.