Friday, June 17, 2011

Renault Fluence 2011

The Renault Company

The company, officially known as Société Renault Frères or simply Renault S.A is a French vehicle manufacturer. The company was established in the year eighteen hundred and ninety nine and began its production line toward the end of the same year. Among its huge line of fleet production, Renault churns out various automobile options that include cars, buses, trucks, vans and tractors. Owing to its association with another auto manufacturer Nissan, Renault is today the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer.
The company headquarters are located in Boulogne-Billancourt, France and it is a privately owned company. It operates in a hundred and eighteen companies all over the globe. Moreover it owns a number of subsidiaries in various parts of the world including the Romanian car manufacturer Automobile Dacia and the South Korean automobile maker Renault Samsung Motors. Renault owns up to ninety nine percent and eighty percent stake in both companies respectively.
The company is world famous for its innumerable ground-breaking blueprints, safety expertise and speed racing. Renault's most unbeaten car model is the Renault Clio which is a supermini, that is, a classification bigger than a city car yet smaller than a small family car. The Renault Clio first rolled into production in nineteen ninety and is at the moment in its third production model. The basis of the Renault market is in France itself.
Société Renault Frères was started by a man named Louis Renault, together with two of his brothers Marcel and Fernand and another two of his comrades Thomas Evert and Julian Wyer. Louis Renault was born in the year eighteen seventy seven at the very core of Parisian bourgeoisie - which is a term used to define the upper or mercantile class in French society, whose rank emanates from either employment, schooling and prosperity as opposed to the aristocracy whose illustrious social status is hereditary. His father was a prosperous trader in textiles and button, while his mother was the offspring of well-heeled merchants.
It was the publicity that their vehicles generated from motor racing that the brothers realized and exploited into the backbone of what is Renault today. In fact there first sale was after a test drive conducted by a friend of Louis' father who was so awed by the ease with which the car dashed and ascended the streets that he immediately purchased it. This was on Christmas Eve of the year eighteen ninety eight. The make of the vehicle was the Renault Voiturette 1CV.
Renault established their stance for novelty right from the beginning. In eighteen ninety nine, the company commenced fabrication of the first sedan vehicle, retailing at an average of three thousand francs which would have required the normal worker at the time a period of ten years worth of salaries and wages to accumulate. The new Renault company insignia was launched in nineteen seventy two. It was part and parcel of the of the huge trademark overhaul put into place to concur with the unveiling of the Renault 5 hatchback.
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