Thursday, June 30, 2011

Knight XV Cost

Knight Rider Car - New Or Old?

Anybody who saw the earliest version with the "Hoff" will remember the Knight Rider car Kit. Kit was a Trans am Firebird, and was beyond doubt a beauty at that. Perhaps its most unique attribute - apart from the finicky and fussy talking computer - was the line of red lights spanning the hood. They would all flash in sequence and give off different sounds as the camera zoomed in on it.
I suppose this new Knight Rider production calls for a new Kit, and they definitely haven't dilly-dallied to change matters up a little. Though they still feature a dark, US-made muscle vehicle, everything else has changed. The new car is actually a Mustang - while a very revved up one at that. According to what I've read about it, it is a Shelby GT 500. It definitely has a larger, stronger feel to it than the old one. When you saw that original car, you somewhat could believe that it would be able to fly. This new car, even so, seems much heavy and more hard. It may be easier for people to believe it when the new car snubs ammunition as if they were nothing.
The one thing I don't like with the new car is the sad reality that it no more has the luminous line of red lights on it. However, it does have a horde of dandy high-tech gadgets that wasn't available on the old one. There is a liquid crystal display screen inside that will show cool pictures as KIT the car talks. I'm sure the special effects will be more credible too, and the weapons might be much more high-tech. There are quite a few differences in the Knight Rider car, however, I'm sure probably the most die hard purists will be able to appreciate the Mustang. I for one am already drooling at the expectation of seening it chase criminals.
Evidently, the old car has been put on the market.I'm not surprised by this. With all the promotion that the new production is getting as a consequence of its reintroduction, the owner of the old one is in all likelihood reckoning that he or she can get a some cash from the sale. And it surely will cost a pretty penny. I've got word that the cost of the car was nearly 200,000 dollars - Not precisely small change. I'm kind of jealous of whomever gets their hands on it. I am a big lover of the old production myself.
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