Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Citroen Concept

Citroen Need Their Windows Cleaned!

Car manufacturers Citroen have created an online social buzz surrounding their new citroen models' window. Citroen have launched a 'Wash me if you can' campaign online that revolves mainly the oversized windscreen- and yes, you've guessed it, trying to clean it.
Paris-based marketing and advertising agency The H Agency came up with the campaign that directs consumers to a video-based microsite that then allows them to choose from 5 very different, larger- than- life characters in order to unleash their 'unique' washing talents on the huge panoramic glass surface.
The fun-loving characters created for the campaign include Jose Taco (a Mexican wrestler), Tania Bing (an American Cheerleader), Diva Brown (a funky soul singer sporting a 'fro'), Chick'n (an oversized but flamboyant chicken) and The Master- who for all intents and purposes is an ace car washer in a black suit and sunglasses.
All of these crazy characters do their best to wipe, spray, sponge the dirt of a screen while the viewer watches from the perspective of the driving seat.
The dedicated microsite allows visitors to explore the New C3 range, book a test drive and to also view the brochure online. There is also a 360 degree tour function that has been added to this fancy landing page.
The communications director of Citroen has stated that the micro-site if fun, distinctive and memorable. A fitting a campaign to introduce customers to the New Citroen C3, Kent which is full of car dealerships that can help if you can't make up your mind which character.
Sara Wright is working within marketing and is currently researching new citroen c3 kent

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