Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe Videos

Leasing Makes BMW 1 Series Affordable

One of the popular choices people go for, especially on car finance, is the BMW 1 Series.
Now I've spoken with a few BMW 1 Series drivers, and all of them have nothing but praise for them. One had already been through two M5's, a 540, a 740 and various Merc's and thinks his 130i is the best car he's driven! People say it's a small car, okay, it's not the biggest, but if you can think back to the older 3 series (like the ones featured in a recent Top Gear show), it has more room, not to mention much better and safer handling!
Starting at £18,025 list price for the base model, the 1 Series isn't cheap for what is essentially a small family car. So one of the reasons people lease BMW is the legendary low depreciation. So despite the initial expense of the BMW marque, when you finance one based on its future value they are surprisingly good value especially on a leasing deal. Running costs are lower than average as well, with BMW's 'Efficient Dynamics' technology. On all versions, fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions are among the best in the class. Diesels are especially frugal and are still very quick for an oil burner.
As you would expect from a 'drivers' car, the driving position is spot on with plenty of adjustment. Superb body control, loads of grip and a balanced feel provided by the front-engined, rear-wheel-drive chassis, the 1 Series is sure to appeal to enthusiastic drivers. There is a choice of 120bhp 1.6 or 141bhp and 168bhp 2.0-litre petrol engines. Four 2.0-litre diesels, with 114bhp, 141bhp, 174bhp, or 202bhp are also available.
The interior isn't as classy as the higher end BMW's but the build quality is still there. As is usually the case with BMW, long-term reliability is very good and this is reflected in how well the 1 Series rated in the 2010 JD Power survey.
Features such as driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags, traction and dynamic stability control are standard on every model, as well as an alarm, immobiliser, remote central locking and deadlocks for security.
As with most BMWs, the 1 Series has an excellent driving position, with a wide range of adjustment. Entry-level models have a full set of powered windows and a CD player, but if you want air-conditioning and alloy wheels you need to upgrade to the ES spec. Sport models cost the same as ES cars but have a multifunction steering wheel and foglights. SE cars include climate control and parking sensors, while M Sport models get a bodykit and firmer suspension. The latest 2010 BMW 1 Series cars will feature the technologies such as brake energy regeneration, start stop system, an electric water pump and an electric power steering.
On its way this year is the long awaited M version, although it won't be called the M1 as BMW are keeping the name solely for the iconic M1 supercar of the late 70's. Instead it will be termed BMW 1 Series M Coupe, with an upgraded turbo version of the inline six promising an incredible experience. The standard 130i is plenty quick already!
So if you're thinking of buying a smallish family car, you can do a lot worse than look at BMW 1 Series leasing deals. From just over £200 a month, you could be driving a very well made car with the badge to match. Or for a bit more cash, you can get yourself into trouble with the powerful sports variants! Whichever model you choose, a lease hire plan is probably the most affordable way of driving a 1 Series.
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