Thursday, June 30, 2011

Knight XV Cost

Knight Rider Car - New Or Old?

Anybody who saw the earliest version with the "Hoff" will remember the Knight Rider car Kit. Kit was a Trans am Firebird, and was beyond doubt a beauty at that. Perhaps its most unique attribute - apart from the finicky and fussy talking computer - was the line of red lights spanning the hood. They would all flash in sequence and give off different sounds as the camera zoomed in on it.
I suppose this new Knight Rider production calls for a new Kit, and they definitely haven't dilly-dallied to change matters up a little. Though they still feature a dark, US-made muscle vehicle, everything else has changed. The new car is actually a Mustang - while a very revved up one at that. According to what I've read about it, it is a Shelby GT 500. It definitely has a larger, stronger feel to it than the old one. When you saw that original car, you somewhat could believe that it would be able to fly. This new car, even so, seems much heavy and more hard. It may be easier for people to believe it when the new car snubs ammunition as if they were nothing.
The one thing I don't like with the new car is the sad reality that it no more has the luminous line of red lights on it. However, it does have a horde of dandy high-tech gadgets that wasn't available on the old one. There is a liquid crystal display screen inside that will show cool pictures as KIT the car talks. I'm sure the special effects will be more credible too, and the weapons might be much more high-tech. There are quite a few differences in the Knight Rider car, however, I'm sure probably the most die hard purists will be able to appreciate the Mustang. I for one am already drooling at the expectation of seening it chase criminals.
Evidently, the old car has been put on the market.I'm not surprised by this. With all the promotion that the new production is getting as a consequence of its reintroduction, the owner of the old one is in all likelihood reckoning that he or she can get a some cash from the sale. And it surely will cost a pretty penny. I've got word that the cost of the car was nearly 200,000 dollars - Not precisely small change. I'm kind of jealous of whomever gets their hands on it. I am a big lover of the old production myself.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GT 500 CR

GT 500 CR Videos

Brief History of Shelby GT 500 - The Eleanor!

The Shelby GT 500 car was offered in two body styles - 2door fastback and 2-door convertible. The assembly plant of this car was established at Dearborn, Michigan in USA. The Shelby GT 500 was offered with two engine types. One of them was a 390 cid engine and the other was a 428 cid V8 engine. This vehicle was designed and offered in 1967. Now, the latest generation Shelby GT 500: the Eleanor, is all set for release - discover more!
The transmission system provided in the vehicle included 3-speed automatic or 4-speed manual system. This car is known as Eleanor in some of the international markets. The car was equipped with a 2 Holley 4 barrel carbs, 428 Police Interceptor as well as optional header features.
In 1968, Shelby Company offered the Shelby Mustang GT500 model, which was equipped with 428 cubic inch Police Interceptor engine. During the same year, the company launched another model named GT500KR, during the month of February.
This model was known as the "King of the Road". This vehicle was equipped with a 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet V8 engine. The same engine was used in the Shelby Cobra car models, which were predecessor of Shelby GT 500 cars.
The GT 500 KR model could generate 335 hp of power. In 1968, the company had also designed certain GT500 models with 390 cubic inch V8 engine. The wheelbase of GT500 model was about 108 inches in size, whereas the length of this vehicle was about 187.4 inches. The length of the 1969-70 Shelby GT500 models was increased up to extra 4 inches, and they were also given minor face lift too.
The latest 2010 Shelby GT500 is going to be the most advanced in the line-up. Here are some impressive Shelby GT500 Pictures
You can download free Shelby Wallpapers Here

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Renault Wind 2011


Future of Renault in Formula One

It's hard to believe that Renault, the current constructors champion in F1, is or was considering leaving the sport at the end of 2007. The current drivers champion Alonso, has already confirmed a move to Maclaren for 2007, and you can't help feel it is partly to do with the uncertain future of the team.

It must be frustrating to the teams who are formula one through and through and who would never leave the sport unless forced to, then to see a team throw it all away. 
However there are now rumbles that team may last into and past 2008. Of course it's a money thing, what value does racing a formula one car, racing around a racetrack give to the manufacturers of cars?

The excuses are that the costs of Formula one are so high now that even a championship winning team does not bring a sufficient return back to the corporate business, especially at a time when car prices are at there lowest in real terms and car manufacturers are feeling the pinch.

What might save the day is the FIA's genuine attempt to reduce costs for all the teams. We have already seen actions in place with the one engine per two-race rule and limited amount of tyres to be used over a race weekend. The question seems to be, what can be done to further reduce costs without spoiling it for the spectators. 
It seems quite absurd that measures would take place to slow the cars down, but many of the recent regulations have been done, to do just that. Smaller wings, narrower tyres, V10 engines now down to V8s that have 200 horse power less. Ironically 200 horse power less, has resulted in only fractions of a second time differences from the larger engines raced last season.

But again this has all helped to reduce costs, give the smaller teams a chance to compete and with tobacco advertising no longer in abundance, a life line to survive.
There is another morale issue here and that is the French public themselves. They maybe could understand a poor performing team, slipping out of F1 but a winning one? Renault is a national company part of the French culture and reputation, every time Renault win it brings pride to their country just as Alonso to Spain.
Any decisions will be made in June, when they will measure their success this season and have a clear idea if further cost cutting regulations will make the team cost effective. Alain Dassas has commented that if they can make the savings then they will commit. It's a shame that the Formula One experience has to be based around money, although what sport isn't nowadays. I personally look forward to Renault staying in F1 and showing us how good they are.

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