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Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent Videos

Hyundai Accent Review and Specifications

Hyundai Accent is a luxury sub-compact sedan of Korean automaker Hyundai Motors. The model was introduced in 1994 and its production is still continuing successfully. This model comes with ample of variant choices that include CNG, LPG and executive versions. All the variants has 1.5 liter engine with five speed manual gearbox as standard feature.
Hyundai Accent is the car of performance, luxury, power and style and it assures to give smooth-sailing riding experience. The car is powered with innovative and advanced engine and it definitely proves to be the tough competitor in entry level sedan. On the whole it is a well balanced car that comes with affordable price tag and competes with Chevrolet Aveo, Ford Ikon, Maruti Swift Dzire and Tata Indigo. The cost of the sedan ranges between 5 lacs and 6 lacs. The model is available in attractive colors like husky blue, real earth, ebony black, charming grey, bright silver, noble white, scarlet sage, aqua tint and potomac blue.
Engine Specifications
Hyundai Accent is equipped with 1.54 Liter SOHC engine with the displacement of 1495 cc which is standard in all the three variants - petrol, diesel and CNG. Manual five speed transmission and in-line four cylinder is also standard on all the variants. The 1495 cc SOCH engine can churn out maximum power of 94 bhp at the rate of 5500 rpm and maximum torque of 123 nm at the rate of 3500 rpm. Its alpha engine stands for best economy and refined power.
Hyundai Accent comes with well balanced powerful engine. It is intended with high velocity intake, tumble airflow, exhaust ports, asymmetric rockers and dual intake valves that assure to give refined power and performance. The sedan is quick and energetic in city drive but coming to highway performance it is not that very zippy. Since the sedan is fitted with MPFI fuel supply system, it makes sure to measure each drop of fuel. The capacity of its fuel tank is 45 liters. ARAI gives the certificate that this model gives the mileage of 16.36 kmpl but in fact it is giving only 12.3 in city and 13.5 in highways. More or less almost all the variants give the same kind of fuel economy.
Exterior, Interior and Safety
Hyundai Accent front grille comes with horizontal slats that appear fresh and unique. Its waistline, bumpers, rear garnish, door handles and OVRMs are coated with body color. Further more the exterior is equipped with rear defogger, tinted glasses, clear headlamps and many more. It has the 175/70R13 tubeless tyres and they are covered with six-spoke full wheel cover that makes Accent exterior sporty.
The interior of this entry level sedan has beige color dual tone theme that bring spacious and luxurious feel. It has the comfortable front seats, supportive rear seats and its roofline is pretty high. Powerful air-conditioning systems, elegant instrumental cluster, cup-holders at comfortable places are additional attraction to the interiors.
Hyundai Accent is adorned with lots of passive and active safety features like disc anti-lock brakes, three point safety belts, height adjustable headrests, dual airbags, central locks, child locks, collapsible steering column and many more.
Get details of the Hyundai Accent sedan and upcoming Hyundai cars in India.

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Hummer H2

2010 Hummer H2 Review

The Hummer H2 is a massive SUV, which comes with exceptional off-road handling capabilities and amazing facilities. The regular H2 models have been marketed with five to six-passenger carrying capacity, while the custom built commercial Hummer H2 limos can carry up to a dozen of passengers effortlessly.
The regular H2 comes with dual-zone automatic climate control, Bose audio system, leather upholstery, full power front seats with a lumbar adjustment, heated seats, keyless entry, underbody skid plates, OnStar mechanism, locking rear differential and the powerful 315/70R17 all-terrain tires. However, the commercial Hummer limos are even equipped with mini-bars, dance floors, disco lights, Plasma TVs, home theatre systems and everything that you may dream of. Consequently, they're extremely popular for rentals to have fun of a lifetime.
But, the biggest downside to the H2 vehicles is their horrendous gas mileage, which comes to about 9.2 mpg overall. Far worse, you can't take it anywhere you want, and parking within city garages can be a big issue.
Optionally, one can also find additional goodies like third-row seat (to improve the passenger carrying capacity to 6), tubular side steps, brushed-aluminum roof rack, satellite radio etc. with the performance packages like the Adventure Series.
Under the hood, this gigantic vehicle derives 325 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque from the 6.0-liter V8 engine, and when you look at its gear selector you get a feeling as though it were lifted from fighter plane.
You get excellent ground clearance, aggressive tires, and plenty of grip, though the weight of the vehicle rounds of the power delivered by the V6; above all you got to shell out over $60,000, and hell a lot of money on gas refill every single time. So, 2010 probably Hummer H2 is an ideal pick for celebrities and stinking rich folks, not for the common man.
You may also want to know more about the 2010 Hummer H2 and check out the latest Hummer H2 Reviews, Pictures as well as Specifications.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Where Are Honda Cars Made?

You've seen them in magazine ads, on television commercials and on the road. Honda is one of the world's best known and respected automotive brands. The company behind the cars is Honda Motor Company, Ltd., a multinational corporation based in Minami-Aoyama Nichome, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Honda designs, develops, manufactures and sells popular vehicles such as the Accord, the Civic, the CRV and many others. Honda cars are driven in many different parts of the world.
Not Everything is Done in Japan
Many people incorrectly assume that Japanese cars are manufactured in Japan. The truth is, the world is a much different place today than it was in the late '40's when Honda first started. Globalization has made it possible for multinational corporations to distribute their production facilities around the world for maximum efficiency. For example, even though the companies' world headquarters are in Japan, American Honda Motor Co. is based in Torrance, California. Honda has also created joint ventures around the world to facilitate operations in places such as China and India.
In terms of where the cars are actually made, the answer is - it depends. Honda has several assembly plants distributed around the world, each producing anywhere from only one to five different styles of automobiles. Depending on where in the world you live, and what type of vehicle you are wondering about, the actual geographical origin will vary. Below is a list of their manufacturing and assembly plants with details about what type of vehicles are made there. It is safe to assume that if you live closer to China than the U.S., the assembly plant closest to (or in) China that manufactures any given model is the one where that car came from.
Honda Manufacturing and Production Facilities
As of 2009, there were only two main manufacturing plants located in Japan.
The Honda Hamamatsu Factory in Hamamatsu, Japan manufactures cars, motorcycles and engines from the car manufacturers complete lineup.
There is another Japanese production facility located in Suzuka, Mie, Japan. Currently, this facility only produces one model - the Honda Fit.
The Dongfeng Honda Automobile Company, based in Wuhan, China opened in 2003. This assembly plant currently manufactures only the Honda CRV, but has plans to produce Honda Civics in the near future.
Honda Indonesia is the name of the factory located in Karawang, Indonesia. Currently, this manufacturing facility only produces the Honda Fit.
In Thailand, Honda manufactures the Honda Fit in their factory located in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Honda has a factory in Turkey where it has manufactured cars of different styles since 1992.
New Zealand
Honda New Zealand manufactured cars from 1965 through 1998. The models that were produced in this facility include the Honda City, the Civic and the Accord.
The production facility in Belgium makes only motorcycles.
In the UK, Honda has manufactured the Civic and the CRV in Swindon, England since 1992.
Honda Amazonas Motorcycle is a Brazilian production facility that only manufactures motorcycles. The plant is located in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil and has made motorcycles since 1976.
Honda Brazil Automobile, a facility located in Indaiatuba, Sao Paolo, Brazil manufactures the Civic and the Fit.
United States
The Marysville Auto Plant in Marysville, Ohio makes Accords, Acuras and motorcycles.
The East Liberty Auto Plant, in East Liberty Ohio, manufactures the Civic, the CRV and the Honda Element.
Honda Manufacturing of Alabama is located in Lincoln, Alabama. The plant, which opened in 2001, manufactures vehicles such as the Honda Odyssey, the Honda Pilot and the Honda J Engine.
Formula Honda Toronto offers both new and used cars Toronto and in the GTA - with a huge variety of cars, trucks, SUV's and vans.

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Holden Cruze

Holden Cruze Videos

2009 Holden Cruze - The Safest Small Car
The all new 2009 Holden Cruze is ready for sale from June this year and this is one of the best equipped and safest of small cars that ply on the roads of the US. The cute car combines five star ANCAP safety features with exceptional handling and riding fuel efficiency, and styling design. The model is available for two specified models with features like electronic stability control, six speaker CD system, six air bags, steering wheel mounted controls of music, and other features and cruise control across all ranges.
The stylish car has stylish 2009 chassis and body structure that are equipped with sophisticated technical chassis system, standard to deliver tight, confidence handling, maximum responsiveness, enhanced accident avoidance capability, and wonderful control. Such features provide maximum handling to drivers and a level of comfort while driving. More than 65% of Cruze's unique body structure is made of high strength steel that provide the strength which provide maximum protection if there is collision. The other features enabled in the construction of the body include tailor welded blanks and materials bond at critical points for maximum yield strength and full-length frame rail that makes the car a safety cage.
Besides that the car has comfortable unique and silent environment. The exceptionally quite cabin provides a soothing ambience with acoustic thermal fiber roof liner, triple layer cycling, and composite backed carpets. According to Managing director of Holden Mark Russ this is a world class small car that delivers excellent performance, style, value for money and safety. He said, "We're excited by the potential for Cruze in a key marketplace for Australian buyers. There are no excuses needed for this car. It has five-star safety, handles beautifully, looks great and provides high quality and low fuel usage."
Exterior styling of the car too is superb and the long wheelbase of the Cruze make is a perfect family sedan that delivers performance of upscale mid size sedan in small price bracket.
The Holden Cruze is equipped with two engines 1.8 liter petrol and 2.0 liter diesel Turbo engines that match the choice of five speed manual or six speed automatic transmission with Active Select. The 1.8 Liter ECOTEC petrol engine produces about 104 KW of power and 176Mn of torque that is available between 2200 to 6200rpm quality drive even at low engine speeds. The 2.0 liter common rail turbo charged engine is available as CD trim and it adds another model of energy diversity in Ecoline. It is capable of producing 110 KW and 320 Nm of Torque that is available with 1750 to 3500 rpm.
It boasts of one of the most comfortable interiors that are available in small car in the market. Fit and Finish is emphasized with contoured sport seats that has dual cockpit design and house advanced integrated center panel having graphic information display. The car has generous rear passenger leg and offers head and shoulder room for space with five adult seats.

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